Axel Springer
Charging infrastructure at work
Axel Springer has entered the next era of mobility by electrifying its fleet. Therefore, the publishing house equipped its new headquarter with charging infrastructure and chose XENON charge as the load management to operate the infrastructure efficiently.

Dynamic load management at Axel Springer

gridX equipped all charging stations at Axel Springer's newly built headquarters with XENON charge. The dynamic load management solution ensures that peak loads are reduced and the capacity of the grid connection point is not exceeded at any time. Because the gridX solution is manufacturer independent and extendible, Springer can extend its infrastructure with any charging stations in the future.

Upfront and recurring savings

So far the publishing house has installed 24 charging stations directly in the new headquarters, plus an additional 10 in the nearby Axel Springer Passage. Here, the limited capacity of the grid connection posed a challenge to the installation of charging infrastructure. This challenge was overcome with XENON charge. XENON charge provides dynamic load management that considers the entire load at the grid connection point in real time and adjusts the load assigned to the charging stations accordingly. Not only did this spare Axel Springer from an expensive extension of the grid connection but the reduced peak loads also resulted in lower recurring grid tariff charges.

Added convenience

Employees, guests and customers also benefit from the prioritization feature of XENON charge. Individual charging stations can be prioritized to account for the different mobility needs. This can be linked to the next use of a vehicle or a desired range at a given time. So if an employee only stops by the office for an hour before they are off to an offsite meeting, their car can be prioritized over the car of the employee, who is at the office for the entire day.

Happy customers

In summary, Springer benefitted from lower costs and higher convenience while entering the next era of mobility.

"The collaboration with gridX was professional and results driven from the first technical discussions about the load management to the actual installation, the commissioning and eventually the operation of the charging infrastructure."
Lutz Seidenberg, Corporate Technical Management,Axel Springer Services & Real Estate
Axel Springer
Axel Springer SE is the publishing house behind numerous German publications including Bild, Die Welt, Business Insider and Fakt. The new company headquarters received the gold certificate of the German Association for Sustainable Building.
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