From heating to living spaces
Having gained 100 years of experience in building heating solutions, Viessmann shifted its focus to provide holistic solutions for energy in living spaces. On the lookout for a digital solution to accompany its technology, Viessmann came across XENON energy.

Controlling and visualizing energy flows

Viessmann was looking for a solution that would cover the electricity part of its solution and also meet the company's high quality standards. The objective: in addition to heating systems, Viessmann wanted to offer its customers a comprehensive solution for connecting and monitoring all domestic energy sources, from the household battery to the PV system and heat pump. After pilots with several companies, the the company opted for XENON home from gridX at the beginning of 2018 - only a few months after the first contact. This was due to not only the modular structure of gridX's solution, which allows fast and uncomplicated adjustments and extensions, but also the speed of the pilot development. In addition, gridX complemented Viessmann's expertise in the heat sector with know-how in the electricity and e-mobility sector.

A little better every day

Since then, XENON energy - branded in the characteristic Viessmann red - is an integral component of Viessmann's ViShare offer. In the course of the partnership, the close cooperation was continuously expanded. Thus, Viessmann not only benefited from continuous software improvements by gridX, but was also able to provide feedback to prioritize product development at gridX. Further integrations were developed by Viessmann on request, so that the traditional company could expand its product portfolio with more and more devices, all of which were compatible with gridX's solution. Among other things, a heating system was integrated into the gridX platform within one month, so that ViShare customers could also see it in the dashboard. Viessmann also benefits from gridX updates in customer service. With the new admin function of the dashboard, Viessmann can not only offer its customers even better support, but also carry out remote maintenance and thus significantly reduce its maintenance efforts.

A lasting relationship

As a solution provider, Viessmann plans to further expand its ViShare Energy Community for prosumers and also to strengthen its presence in e-mobility. With a view to the future, Viessmann therefore relies on partners such as gridX, especially in strategically important projects. This is not only due to the fact that gridX already supports more than 150 protocols from over 20 manufacturers, but also because gridX has a proven ability to develop new integrations reliably and quickly.

Viessmann is a German manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems headquartered in Allendorf. With 23 production companies in 12 countries, distribution companies and representative offices in 74 countries and 120 sales offices throughout the world, Viessmann is international in its orientation. 55 percent of turnover is generated abroad. In 2018, 100 years after its foundation, Viessmann shifted its focus from heat generation to creating and maintaining living spaces.
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