The good, the bad and the innovative: 5 effects of the energy crisis

You may have heard that there is an energy crisis in Europe. Learn what effects this has had on home energy management systems, EV adoption and new technology that enables not only self-sufficiency, but also new revenue streams.
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Life at gridX
Renewable energy jobs that put people first
Are you on the hunt for the best tech jobs, EU remote jobs or the best jobs 2023? Renewable energy jobs provide meaning, diversity and constant growth.
Life at gridX
From working student to full-time employee: career development at gridX
Career development is key for a positive company culture. Is energy a good career path? Read Daniel’s story from working student to full time to find out.
4 steps to becoming energy efficient and self-sufficient
The best way to protect yourself from volatile energy prices is by becoming more energy efficient and self-sufficient with clean energy technologies.
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Heat Pump Report

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Why energy flexibility is still only provided by large-scale power plants
Regulation must be the catalyst to bring energy flexibility to small-scale renewable assets and maximize self-sufficiency.
How peak shaving benefits the grid and your wallet
Peak shaving is a load management method that minimizes peaks and balances electricity drawn from the grid. Learn how it enhances EV charging and saves money.
EV charging management for cascading fuses
Electric cars are increasing exponentially. EV charging management is particularly important at sites with complex cascaded fuses.
Smart grid distribution system: Integrating DSO signals
Integrating DSO signals and enabling energy assets to operate in a grid-friendly manner is key for the cost-efficient modernization of the distribution grid.
Maximize self-sufficiency and minimize PV curtailment with energy forecasting
Energy forecasting makes otherwise unusable PV generation usable, enabling households to maximize self-sufficiency.
8 advantages of dynamic load management for end users
Did you know that dynamic load management can make EV charging cheaper, more convenient and faster for consumers? Find out how.
Energy security: how to become independent from Russian gas and oil
Germany is reliant on Russian fossil fuel imports. The Ukraine war has made energy independence through renewables and energy efficiency a pivotal concern.
Life at gridX
The search for collaborative, purpose-driven and agile software development
Robin wanted a collaborative & agile software development team with a clear vision of addressing climate change with technology. This is how he found gridX.
12 excellent resources for energy data to rely upon
Discover 12 must-use energy resources we use on a weekly basis for insightful and up-to-date energy charts, energy data and energy research.
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